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A handcrafted magic of 5 ancient indian herbs that will boost your immunity and build your stamina to fight against the symptoms of dangerous COVID-19 or CORONA VIRUS. Main ingredients are as below:









Black Pepper




Black Salt






Price: ₹ 1,000 per bottle of 120 grams

Introducing FRONA, First Remedy of New Ayurveda and an IndianMailBox original! A handcrafted magic of 5 ancient indian herbs that will boost your immunity and build your stamina to fight against the symptoms of dangerous COVID-19 or CORONA VIRUS


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What is FRONA?

FRONA stands for “First Remedy of Natural Ayurveda “and an IndianMailBox original inhouse remedy of five ancient Indian herbs included HALDI (Turmeric) , JAVITRI ( Mace ) , JAIFAL ( Startle ) and more. Its a revolution in the field of Ayurveda and first of its own kind remedy that acts as a nightmare for COVID-2019 / CORONA Virus.

How safe the FRONA is for use?

FRONA is fully and 100 % safe in use as it consists of only and only Ayurvedic stuffs which do not have any side effects. On the other hand, we have hired our own piece of land in order to grow and cultivate the entire stuffs in order to make sure that everything must be organic and handpicked. Frona use to undergo with various precautionary measures and checks before reaching in your hand which assure it to be an effective medicine against cough & cold, sour throat and symptoms of Covid-19 or Corona virus.

Who can use FRONA?

FRONA is meant for everyone who lies under the age group of 4 Years – 100 Years old. Being belong to ancient Ayurveda from Indian history, there are NO side effect of this medicine. If you have a severe cough & cold, sour and chocked throat, feeling nasty while eating or drinking or having the symptoms similar to Covid-19 or Corona, Frona is simply made for you.

Who should not use FRONA?

We recommend NOT to use FRONA if you are pregnant, over and after consumption of alcohol or a HIV Positive because of the powerful behaviour of the herbs used in manufacturing of FRONA.

How to use FRONA?

Just start having ONE tea spoon of Frona powder with half spoon of natural honey (recommended) or with a small cup of 7-8 Oz of Luke warm water before your breakfast and dinner , so that during morning and evening.

How does FRONA will work?

Frona works upon the strict rules of ancient Indian boosts your internal immunity .it contains bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties, Dramatically increases the antioxidant capacity of the body , Lower the risk of heart disease, a blessing for Arthritis Patients, Acts as a Cardiac tonic and improves the health metabolism , reduce bad breathes in mouth , moisture in mouth and excessive thirst , use to balance the blood sugar level and to relive depression.

Is FRONA a permanent cure of CORONA?

No! FRONA is neither a temporary nor a permanent cure of CORONA. We handcrafted FRONA from ancient ayurvedic herbs which are known for there excellence acts as a super effective medicine to boost your internal immune system, help to build antibodies and then provide you enough strength to your body in order to fight with COVID-19 virus, if any.

How to get FRONA?

Being an Indianmailbox original and inhouse product, you will not get FRONA elsewhere other then us. We made it with a lot of love and genuine intentions to made a cure for you from covid-19 and corona and that’s what made FRONA as an exclusive pearl! You can purchase it online by clicking HERE or order it via email by sending to and mention your requirements there. All customer can get ONE free bottle of FRONA along with there package which they can opt-in at the time of shipment from us.

What is the cost of FRONA?

A 120 Grams bottle of FRONA will cost you Rs.1000 ( Rupees One Thousand Only ).you can pay by your Visa / Master / American Express/ Discover card or by PayPal account .Please note that the cost of FRONA does not include the cost of shipping from our warehouse in Gurgaon , India. Shipping cost varies country to country and you can calculate the cost of shipping by using our “CALCULATOR “ link given on the top of this page.

How soon I can get FRONA?

As soon as you will make the payment we will order FRONA from our warehouse for you and within 24 – 48 hours time, the entire quantity will be available under your account area where you can logged in , check the contents in real time and create the shipment. once you will make the payment for shipping, we will dispatch FRONA to you by your chosen method of shipping.

Do we need to become a customer of indianmailbox before ordering FRONA?

YES! In order to get FRONA, you must be our registered user. We have several plans which included a FREE PLAN as well where you need not to pay even a single penny before ordering any item from online stores in India. just click on “SIGN UP “link given on homepage and choose any plan as per your need. Make sure you are choosing warehouse as INDIA only if you want to order FRONA as its not available to ship from our USA warehouse in Nevada.

What is the refund policy of FRONA?

We put a lot of efforts in our in-house manufacturing for FRONA as well as in order to obtained significant approval from various authorities in India, ALL SALES WILL BE FINAL and we will not be able to return or refund the cost once the FRONA will be delivered to you.

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Avail one free bottle of 120 grams FRONA along with your shipment!

Avail one free bottle of 120 grams FRONA along with your shipment!

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